Scholarships & Financial Aid

All Holy Cross Catholic School families are encouraged to apply for financial aid and scholarships. No family who applies will be turned away, all families are eligible for some funding!

To check check eligibility of our income-based scholarships, review the Income-Based Scholarship Criteria.



All families should apply for this scholarship. Financial need is not required to receive this scholarship. The amount awarded varies per family and is determined after all other scholarships have been applied to your tuition. Funding for this scholarship is made possible by St. John Catholic Church and St. Mary Catholic Church. The Active Parent Scholarship can reduce the cost of individual tuition by more than 70%.

DEADLINE: May 1st, 2020

EDCHOICE EXPANSION – 100% of Tuition covered for financially eligible families.

DEADLINE: April 14th, 2020

Any student in grades K-5. Must meet income requirements, income verification required.  If your family fits into one of the categories below, you may be eligible for FREE TUITION through the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. This is a full-ride scholarship for tuition only. Families are required to pay school fees. Visit https://scohio.org/home/eligibility.html for more information. Call our school office or click HERE for an application form. Application forms must be submitted to Holy Cross.

The Legacy Fund Scholarship

All families are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Financial need is not required to receive this scholarship. The amount awarded varies per family and is determined by a scholarship committee. Funding for this scholarship is made possible from private donors.  Application forms are available in the school office.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2020

NORTHWEST OHIO SCHOLARSHIP FUND– Average Scholarship is $1,200

Visit http://nosf.org/i-want-apply and follow the link to apply online. Applications are accepted online only.
This is an income-based scholarship. Each family must pay at least $500 towards tuition through these scholarships.

DEADLINE: May 29th, 2020



The Jon Peterson Scholarship Program provides scholarships to kindergarten – 5th grade students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district of residence. The HCCS school principal will assist your family with the required application forms and scholarship application process. Visit Jon Peterson Special Need Scholarship Program.


DEADLINE:   May 31, 2020

Through the generous donations and support of the St. John Hench Endowment and St. Mary School Development Fund, a limited amount of tuition aid is awarded annually to families that are in financial need. The 20-21 Tuition Assistance Application must be completed. Download a copy or call the school office at 419-784-2021.


DEADLINE: May 3, 2020

This is a grant opportunity made possible by the generosity of the George and Mary Kremer Foundation. Recipients are chosen based on financial need. Funds are limited. Applications will be available beginning March 31 and are due May 3rd. For a scholarship application, call the school office at 419-784-2021.

If you have not qualified in past years, you may qualify this year with new guidelines. We highly encourage you to review available funding and apply for all potential scholarship funding. A large percentage of families are eligible to receive some scholarship through local school district tax-funded programs. If you choose to enroll in a private school you are still entitled to some of the services your school tax dollars provide.

Kathy Shrader, our school’s Director of Finance, can assist you in finding all of the scholarship discounts you are eligible for in the upcoming school year. Mrs. Shrader is a tax expert by profession and has decades of experience in financial management. We are blessed to have her on staff!  Set up a confidential, no-obligation meeting with Mrs. Shrader to have your questions answered. We want to help make tuition as affordable as possible for your family. Call the school office at 419-784-2021 to schedule a meeting with Mrs. Shrader or email school secretary Mrs. Carr at jcarr@defianceholycross.org to set up an appointment to learn more.

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