Jean Carr, Secretary

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Joining the Holy Cross School staff as secretary, in the Fall of 2012, has been a blessing.
Working in the school system has been a dream of mine for many years.
I graduated from Continental High School and entered the workforce as a receptionist
immediately thereafter. After I was married and became a mom, I was fortunate enough
to stay home with our four sons until they were all in school. I believe the importance
of a Catholic education is evident as our four boys all attended St. Mary Catholic School.
I re-entered the workforce as secretary at St. Mary Catholic Church here in Defiance
in 2000. Working for the church opened my eyes to the many areas of social justice that we
as a Church support. Here at Holy Cross School many of these same areas are supported.
I am blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of the Holy Cross School staff and
be with the future of our Church on a daily basis.
I have come to find that we are one big family here at Holy Cross Catholic School.