Jill Mack, Grade 6 Homeroom
Grades 6 - 8 Math
Grade 6 Social Studies
Grades 5 & 6 Religion

Born and raised in Defiance, Ohio, it would only seem natural that I stay
within the area. I graduated from Defiance College in 1977 with a Bachelor
of Science Degree in Elementary Education. I have taught in the Catholic
School System for all 38 years of my teaching career. I started out as a
7th and 8th grade teacher at St. John's Catholic School, then moved on to
3 years at St. Augustine Catholic School in Napoleon, Ohio. In 1981, I
was offered the sixth grade position at St. Mary's School and have been with
the ever changing dynamics of what is now Holy Cross Catholic School.

My teaching philosophy has always centered around the idea of service and
exposure to different thoughts, events, and places. True learning takes place when
one gives back to community and when one experiences the different ideas,
cultures and places, which God has given us to enjoy. Teaching for me is a
ministry, not a job. It is a life's work that I have been called to do and hopefully
one that will influence others to follow the plan of God in their own lives.