THE LEADER IN ME is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.
It is an initiative that the Holy Cross family (administration, faculty, staff,
and students in PreK-Grade 8) is implementing and modeling.

Administrators, teachers, and support staff receive continuing training in the 7 Habits
and how to implement THE LEADER IN ME initiative into their everyday lives
and the curriculum. This training is crucial to the success of the process.

THE LEADER IN ME is creating a culture that instills in our students
that each of them is a leader in some way - at school and at home.
THE LEADER IN ME inspires a student-led culture that is very evident
at Holy Cross. The students are developing and using leadership
and life skills they will take with them throughout their adult life such as
goal setting, self-directed learning, critical thinking, listening and speaking,
and the ability to work in cooperative groups - everything they will use
to become a successful leader in the community.