HCCS Student Dress Code

Dress Code Rules

  • No Cargo pants or shorts with pockets on the legs are permitted
  • Shorts (knee length) may be worn all year
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times. (No camisoles as a layered look.)
  • Pants must be pulled up to waist level and a belt must be worn. (Grades 3-8)
  • No rolled up pants. (Grades 3-8)
  • Socks/Tights must be worn at all times. (Solid colors: white, navy, tan, black)
  • Leggings may only be worn with above the ankle, matching color socks.
  • Jewelry - Any simple necklace, simple ring, simple earrings may be worn. No dangling or large hoop earrings may be worn.
  • Makeup - Modest makeup may be worn in light/natural colors at the discretion of the teacher/parent.
  • Hair must be clean and styled out of the eyes. No distracting hair styles of any length and no facial hair is permitted.
  • Coats, jackets, sweatshirts, other than HCCS uniform sweatshirts, may not be worn during the school day.
  • Fitted, navy uniform dress blazers for the girls may be worn on Mass day. Boys may wear a sport coat/suit, dress shirt, and tie on Mass day.
  • HCCS gray hoodie and navy zip front HCCS jackets are considered uniform wear.



  • Teachers will enforce dress code policy within their classrooms.
  • First Infraction - a notice will be sent home to be signed and returned.
  • Second Infraction - a parent will be called to bring the proper attire.
  • Third Infraction - the student and/or parents will meet with the principal.

Approved Uniform Tops

Shirts (must be tucked in at all times. Girls, no camisoles as a layered look.)
Permitted Styles:
1. (Girls) Long or short sleeved white blouse (round or regular collar)
2. Long or short sleeved white, navy or hunter green polo shirt (no different color collar trim)
3. Turtleneck, regular style white, navy or hunter green

Navy Sweaters
Permitted Styles:
1. Crew neck pullover
2. V-neck pullover
3. Crew neck cardigan

Navy V-Neck Vest or Blazer

Official HCCS School Sweatshirts

Official The Leader in Me Jacket



Approved Uniform Bottoms

1. Navy or Khaki Twill Pants, plain front, pleated front, flat front or relaxed fit
2. Navy or Khaki, Polyester trouser pants

Navy or Khaki, Walking style pleat, knee-lenth

Capris (JH Girls Only)
Navy or Khaki

Jumpers (Girls)
Navy or Khaki, Dropped waist shift style or Two pleat-front

Skirts (Girls)
Navy or Khaki, Kick pleat or Kilt wrap around

Skorts (Girls)
Navy or Khaki, Split skirt, Flare-cut wrap or Three-tab button front pleat

Approved Uniform Accessories

Solid White, Navy, Tan, Black. Any height.

Tights/Leggings (Girls)
Solid White, Navy, Tan, Black. Any height. Must be worn if not wearing socks. Leggings may only be worn with above the ankle, matching color socks.

1. White, Black, Brown, Navy Dress Shoes
2. Tennis Shoes, Appropriate design & structure (nothing extreme)
3. Fashion Boots (JH Girls Only)
NO sandals, flip flops,  Crocs or boots

Black, Brown, Navy or Tan
All students in grades 3-8 are required to wear a belt