We are proud to offer the most affordable Catholic Education in the Toledo Diocese

19-20 Tuition & Fees

  • PreK3 (Tues/Thurs half day): $950
  • PreK4 (Mon/Wed/Fri all day): $2300
  • PreK4 (Mon/Wed/Fri half day): $1425
  • Young Five’s – 5th Grade with Active Partner Grant : $2000*
  • Young Five’s – 5th Grade without Active Partner Grant : $7181

Discounts are available for families enrolling more than one child. Please see the 19-20 Tuition & Fees for more information.

*For 2019-20 tuition for K-5th grade is $7,181. All kindergarten-5th grade students who pledge to be an Active Partner in the faith life and education of their child(ren) will receive the Active Partner Grant.  This scholarship reduces out-of-pocket tuition to the tuition published above. Many families are eligible for additional scholarship funding.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are additional scholarships for families who meet financial income guidelines. If you have not qualified in past years, you may qualify this coming year with new guidelines. We highly encourage you to review available funding and apply for all potential scholarship funding. A large percentage of families are eligible to receive additional scholarship through local school district tax-funded programs.

Kathy Shrader, HCCS Director of Finance, can assist you in finding all of the scholarship discounts you are eligible for in the upcoming school year. Mrs. Shrader is a tax expert by profession and has decades of experience in financial management. We are blessed to have her on staff!

Want to learn more? Set up a confidential, no-obligation meeting with Mrs. Shrader to have your questions answered. We want to help make tuition as affordable as possible for your family. Call the school office at 419-740-2021 to schedule a meeting with Mrs. Shrader or email school secretary Mrs. Carr at to set up an appointment to learn more.

For more information on Scholarships and to explore your eligibility visit: