As Catholic School Educators,

we believe our Catholic School is not only
a school, but a community of Faith;

we believe those entrusted to us are not only
students, but children of God

we believe we are not only educators,
but Ministers of the Gospel;

we believe the values we teach are not
only character development, but a
call to Holiness;

we believe our courses of study are not only
academic pursuits, but a search for Truth;

we believe the purpose of education is not
only for personal gain and the development of
society, but for the Transformation of the world.

2016-17 STAFF

Fr. Randy Giesige, St. Mary Pastor Mrs. Rose Reinhart, Principal Father Eric Mueller, Superintendent

Jean Carr, Secretary Aileen Meyer, Marketing Director Kathryn Shrader, Finance Director

Jodi Guilford, PreKindergarten Sam Donaldson, PreKindergarten Cristal Moore, Young Fives

Kristin Siler, Kindergarten Jody Good, Grade 1 Jacki Westfall, Grade 2

Dawn Rohn, Grade 3
3 & 4 Science
3 Social Studies
3 & 4 Math
Paula DeCola, Grade 4
3 & 4 Language Arts
3 & 4 Religion
Grade 4 Social Studies
Matt Cramer, Grade 5
5 Language Arts
5 Religion
5-8 Science

Jill Mack, Grade 6
6 Social Studies
6-8 Math
6 Religion
Jamie Wisda, Grades 7 & 8
6-8 Language Arts
5 & 7/8 Social Studies
7/8 Religion
Kristen Killion, K-8 Art Earlee Harris
K-8 Music

Theresa Rickenberg, PreKindergarten Aide Kim Engle, PreKindergarten Aide Michael Biro, Technology
Kris Campbell, Tutor

Tiffany Bostelman, Title I Mary Bowling, Speech

Theresa Mazur Ryan, Cafeteria Director Ann Newberry, Cafeteria

Jeff Weidenhamer, Maintenance Bill Warren, Custodian

Photos by Lange Photographics, Inc.