Scholarships & Financial Aid

All Holy Cross Catholic School families are encouraged to apply for financial aid and scholarships. No family who applies will be turned away, all families are eligible for some funding.


ACTIVE PARTNER GRANT – Volunteer and Save Big Money

For 2023-24, Kindergarten-5th grade students and parents/guardians who pledge to be Active Partners in Catholic education will receive the APG parish tuition grant. This is not a new grant or scholarship. Most families have automatically qualified for this tuition reduction in the past. All families are eligible to receive the Active Partner Grant, which currently is valued at over $5,100 (a 70% discount). To receive this tuition discount families are required to sign the 23-24 Active Partner Grant Pledge Form . This pledge gives families the opportunity to formally pledge to be active in the faith development and school life of their child(ren) and support the school in fundraising and family activities throughout the year. Our hope is that this process will help unify our HCCS family in supporting our students and our school. 

The Active Partner Grant, formally referred to as the Catholic Community Scholarship Fund, is funded by the generosity of St. Mary and St. John Catholic church and other funders. It is our Catholic Community’s interest to promote faith development. School Families who choose not to submit a pledge form with their application will be required to pay the full tuition rate of approximately $6,580. Please refer to the tuition and fees document for detailed information. 

All families must complete a pledge form to be eligible for this grant. Financial need is not required to receive this grant. 

DEADLINE: May 27, 2023

EDCHOICE EXPANSION 23-24 – 100% of Tuition covered for financially eligible families.

DEADLINE: Tentatively May 15th, 2023

Student must be entering grades K-5 and must meet the income requirements, (income verification is required).  This is a full-ride scholarship for tuition only. Families are required to pay school fees. 

Visit the Ohio Department of Education EdChoice Expansion Scholarship pages for more information.


Ed Choice Request Form

Income Verification Form

NORTHWEST OHIO SCHOLARSHIP FUND– Average Scholarship is $1,200

Visit and follow the link to apply for the lottery selection online. Applications are accepted online only.
This is an income-based scholarship. Each family must pay at least $500 towards tuition through these scholarships.

DEADLINE: April 23rd, 2023


About the Scholarship: The Legacy Fund Scholarship was established in February 2020. The fund was established with gifts to Holy Cross Catholic School in memory of Carol Gable. Carol was a lifelong believer and supporter of Catholic Education. This scholarship is available to families who share the belief that Catholic Education is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and our community. Those who embrace this belief are preservers of the Catholic education legacy. 

Application Process: All enrolled students in grades Kindergarten – Fifth Grade who do not receive any other scholarship aid (other than the Active Parent Scholarship) are eligible to apply for a Legacy Fund Award. A grandparent, family member or other supporter of Catholic Education can apply on a family’s behalf with the family’s permission. To apply, an application form must be completely filled out and submitted by the deadline.

Award Amount: Award amounts vary based on the number of applicants, eligibility of applicants, financial need of applicant and amount of funds available. The minimum amount awarded is $250.

Application Deadline:  June 30, 2023



The Jon Peterson Scholarship Program provides scholarships to kindergarten – 5th grade students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district of residence. The HCCS school principal will assist your family with the required application forms and scholarship application process. Visit Jon Peterson Special Need Scholarship Program.


DEADLINE: Tentatively April 30, 2023

This is a grant opportunity made possible by the generosity of the George and Mary Kremer Foundation. Recipients are chosen based on financial need. Funds are limited. Applications will be available in late March and are due late in April/early May. For a scholarship application, call the school office at 419-784-2021.


DEADLINE:   May 27, 2023

Through the generous donations and support of the St. John Hench Endowment and St. Mary School Development Fund, a limited amount of tuition aid is awarded annually to families that are in financial need. The 23-24 Tuition Assistance Application must be completed. 


Mrs. Reinhart, our school Principal, can assist you in finding all of the scholarship discounts you are eligible for in the upcoming school year. Set up a confidential, no-obligation meeting with Mrs. Reinhart to have your questions answered. We want to help make tuition as affordable as possible for your family. Call the school office at 419-784-2021 to schedule a meeting or email the school principal at to learn more.


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