Facility Dog Program

Facility Dog Program is a “Paw”sitive Experience

The service of a facility dog is an innovative teaching approach that HCCS informally integrated in 2019, thanks to Mrs. Dawn Rohn, third grade teacher, a volunteer service dog trainer. Mrs. Rohn has trained three dogs, each trained at school daily. Yashi, Mrs. Rohn’s most recent trainer was evaluated in the summer of 2022 and tested best as a facility dog. Through the generosity of donor support and Mrs. Rohn’s trainer benefits, HCCS was able to purchase Yashi as a certified facility dog.

Facility dogs have been found to make reading a more positive experience for participants and are especially effective in assisting the reluctant or challenged reader. Canine teaching companions are also effective in aiding students studying/memorizing math facts and comprehending science data. Teachers leverage facility dogs as an incentive for students to work hard and stay focused.

The annual cost to HCCS to fund a facility dog program is approximately $2,300. Operational costs include food, veterinarian care and handler compensation. We look forward to many years of Yashi’s service and are grateful for donor support, which makes this program possible. This fall, HCCS will designate all donations collected through the “2022 Giving Tuesday” campaign to the Facility Dog Program. To support this campaign, visit our Facebook Fundraiser, or make a gift through PayPal.

Benefits of Having a Facility Dog in the Classroom
Yashi promotes greater self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers.
It has been empirically proven that facility dogs stimulate memory and problem-solving skills.
Yashi can lift moods in the classroom, often provoking laughter. Yashis is also there to offer friendship and a shoulder to lean on for students. She is an effective strategy for reduction and management of stress, anxiety and depression.

All gifts to the HCCS Facility Dog Fund are 100% tax deductible.

Support Yashi with a financial gift through PayPal or Facebook

Yashi helps PreK students sit quiet during story time.

Yashi poses with the 2022-23 Third Grade Class and her handler, Mrs. Rohn.

Yashi makes a great pillow and reading buddy!

Yashi helps students with their units of measurement lesson.


Yashi enjoys visiting and playing with students during Morning Care.

Group projects are more fun with a furry friend.

Yashi is a great listener and reading companion.

Just the presence of Yashi, even when she is on break, is a calming addition to the class environment.

Our facility dog Yashi is a great study partner.