HCCS Students Honored as 2021 Excellence in Youth Leadership Nominees

May 13, 2021


This young man one day is going to do something extraordinary! Jaxon Killion has been a fabulous leader from day one of Kindergarten. He is extremely attentive, knowledgeable, creative, understanding, helpful, organized and much more. He is never boastful of his achievements and is very gracious to be challenged in the classroom.

Jaxon puts first things first every day by doing all of his morning stations before moving onto another activity. He is willing to help give guidance to his peers around him when they do not understand the activity given. Jaxon always plans out and puts first things first when writing in his weekly journal. His handwriting is superb, sentences are complete and pictures are always extravagant!

This young man has worked very hard this year and just finished another chapter book at a 3.1 level getting a 100% on his quiz. His AR level has gone up to a 2.9-4.2 this year. I can’t be any more proud of him! Today, since he did so well, I asked him if he wanted to be the teacher and help another boy in the class with his learning rings and AR book. This little boy looks up to Jaxon so much; both of their faces were gleaming!

Jaxon Killion also is a wonderful young boy at heart! He loves sharing stories of how he sharpens the saw with his family on the river. He is quite the little skier! He also shares that they help clean up the river by picking up the trash and other things that they see floating by.
When we play games in the classroom; he always thinks win win so everyone can get a turn and helps others understand how to play.

I believe Jaxon Killion would be a phenomenal recipient of the Excellence In Leadership Award. I know that just from his time here at HCCS; this young man will move mountains!


Hannah is the picture of a leader. She uses the 7 Habits every day, all day. She used them from the first day of school, and has developed a much deeper understanding of them since then. She is Proactive, always willing to do what is right regardless of how others may think of her. She goes above and beyond to help those who want help and those who are resistant to someone helping them. Hannah is willing to take the risk that someone may respond in a negative way. She finds her voice, and helps classmates that aren’t making good choices in a kind and polite way without being asked. The other students respect her so much, that they change their behavior most of the time.
Hannah Begins with the End in Mind when she moves through the list of things students are suppose to do every morning to practice skills and get ready for the day. She doesn’t complain about what is expected, but moves through the list striving everyday to finish. Hannah is so motivated that she will ask what she can do next. That is pretty amazing for such a young person. Her example has a positive effect on her classmates. She inspires them to do the same. They have a friendly competition that never takes a negative turn, but makes the tasks fun for them.
Hannah is also wonderful at Putting First Things First. Children this age tend to think of themselves first. Not Hannah, she tends to sees what is important, and stays on track. She asks questions and gives information relevant to the topic being discussed. She has developed the ability to focus on the topic we are learning, and save other things she wants to share with the class until the appropriate time.
Hannah is so good at Thinking Win-Win. She is always willing to try to understand others point of view, even if it is not her own. I have never heard her argue with another student. She is eager to work things out when there is a conflict. She doesn’t need an adult to step in
she is willing to compromise if it helps solve a conflict.
Hannah is a great listener. She is always willing to Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood. She is able to do this in casual conversation, during a conflict, or during class.
She consistently able to show love and kindness to others.
Hannah is already to Synergize at anytime. She encourages others to participate in the group. She is not afraid to tell her ideas and consider, use, or help adapt any ideas presented by others. She handles herself in a group situation in a very mature way.
Hannah is someone who enjoys other people very much. She always shows love and kindness to others. She always has classmates laughing and having fun. She truly cares for others around her. She is always willing to help whenever needed.
Hannah is such a remarkable young lady. She possesses so many qualities of a great leader. She has so much to offer anyone that enters her life. She is a ray of sunshine in our class. She is a true follower of Jesus.


Olivia lives by all the seven habits. She is always proactive and works very hard. She is so kind to everyone and makes people feel welcome and cared about. She uses a “win-win” attitude when working with others so that everyone can succeed. She shows teamwork, leadership, and above all, Christian attitude!


Brock has the biggest heart in the world.
He always puts others first.
He is willing to do whatever he can to get a task done.

He is a very creative thinker, and finds multiple solutions to a situation to come to a final decision that is best and works for most involved.
Brock demonstrates his self discipline through his involvement in the youth group in Defiance as well as his sports. He participates, encourages and supports his teammates, and knows that you don’t have to win a game to be a winner. Brock is the most energetic kind hearted young man ever, he has a heart of gold. He exemplifies his kindness through his thoughts and deeds by always putting others needs or wants before his own, this shines through by way he treats his sister, parents and friends in God’s eyes.

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