HCCS Students Provided with Free YMCA Membership in 2021

January 20, 2021

Through all the challenges we have faced as a country since the Spring of 2020, providing youth with opportunities to manage their stress and focus on wellness is essential.  As effects of the pandemic are beginning to be understood, we  know the vital importance of meeting the needs of children in terms of mental well-being.  

In response to the growing needs of our students, HCCS is proud to announce that through the generosity of many individuals, corporations and organizations, EVERY STUDENT AT HCCS will become a YMCA member in January 2021, free of charge to their families.


  • We are doing this to addresses new and emerging needs for Social and Emotional Wellness. These needs are partially COVID-related. To a greater degree, this program is meeting needs for stress management.
  • The program also provides the opportunity for HCCS to enrich its curriculum with special opportunities for all students in areas such as water safety, swimming lessons, gymnastics/tumbling, and fitness training. For families that are not able to afford swim lessons and the such, this is a huge opportunity and equals the playing field giving access to wellness programs to all.
  • The YMCA offers a transition opportunity for graduating 5th grade students at HCCS. Through the YMCA Teen Leaders Club, HCCS students can continue to use and cultivate their leadership skills. Teen Leaders Club is a volunteer program for 6th-12th grade students who want to volunteer and give back to their community. 
  • By offering this program HCCS is being proactive in providing preventative measures for stress management and meeting the evolving social, physical and emotional needs of students.
  • Bringing HCCS families together at the YMCA at a time when families can’t connect at HCCS due to COVID 19 visitor restrictions is important; and bringing HCCS students together with their contemporaries from other school districts, offering them opportunities to make friends with future classmates assist with the future  transition from HCCS to their home school district.  


  • Students will have free access to the YMCA gym and pool facilities.
  • Students who become active at the YMCA will meet youth from other schools and begin to form relationships with children they may eventually go to school with when transferring from HCCS, making transferring a little easier.
  • Parents will be able to take advantage of the members price (a significant discount) for youth sports and YMCA programming.
  • HCCS will be able to take all students to the YMCA to use their facilities for gym class during school hours. Our Physical Education Instructor has met with the YMCA leadership to discuss how this will be organized. The large gym space at the YMCA will give Mr. Cramer the opportunity to engage students in new physical activities that our current gym space doesn’t provide for. Some of the activities include volleyball, running/walking on the indoor track and swimming (when the weather gets warmer).
  • There is a future potential for the YMCA to provide HCCS students with water safety training and swim lessons during school hours. We are working through the logistics of this, but wouldn’t that be a wonderful benefit for HCCS students to be taught how to swim?
Another very important goal is for the school to be able to offer every employee who is interested, a one-year YMCA membership.  Some membership benefits include:
  • 24 hour access to the fitness center
  • Business hour access to the pools, hot tub, sauna and steam room
  • Member discounts on all classes offered
  • One free fitness class per session. This includes aerobics, cycling, yoga, etc.
  • Access to the Smart Center, located in the Defiance College field house  fitness center and 1/3 mile indoor track)
  • Free fitness assessment and training plan facilitated by a YMCA fitness instructor

HCCS is working with interested donors to help fund the membership benefits for HCCS staff and ensure the longevity of the partnership in years to come. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact Aileen Meyer at 419-784-2021 or ameyer@defianceholycross.org.

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