Plastic Cap Collection

April 11, 2019

We need your plastic caps!

Holy Cross Students are working with Green Tree Plastics’ program called ABC Promise Partnership to fabricate a new school playground trash can out of recycled plastic caps. An outdoor trashcan requires 250 pounds of plastic caps

You can help us by collecting clean, dry plastic caps. If you would like a collection container for your place of employment, please call the school office at 419-784-2021. Thank you in advance for synergizing with our students!

Acceptable Plastic Lids (no medal or pumps):

  • Drink bottle lids
  • baby food lids
  • hair spray cap
  • apple sauce pouch cap
  • mayonnaise jar lid
  • pringles lids
  • coffee can lids
  • flip-top caps
  • shampoo/conditioner caps
  • milk jug caps
  • toothpaste caps
  • yogurt lid
  • ice cream bucket lid (under 8″)
  • butter container lids
  • cool whip lids
  • spray paint caps
  • detergent caps
  • deodorant caps
  • peanut butter lids
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