Pray with Us for Back to School

August 17, 2020

Prayer for Back to School

Lord, I pray for all of the schools and colleges in our community. I pray for the safety and health of all students returning to school. I pray specifically for [students you know of by name]. 

Lord, hear my prayer for those who may struggle to find friends, or have moved to a new school. I pray for Christian students to share the love of Jesus with other students who do not yet know Jesus. 

I pray for strength and health for all of the staff and teachers preparing to teach these students. I pray for no disruptions in their classrooms. 

I pray for all of the parents who are homeschooling their children. 

I pray for Christian teachers to share the love of Jesus with their students and fellow teachers.   

I pray for the parents who are sending their kids to school this year. Lord, please help parents to model Christ at home to their kids. I pray for [any parents of school age children you know by name]. 

I pray for safe travels to and from school this year for all bus drivers, parents, and student drivers. 

I pray for safety and protection for all schools in our area for this entire school year. 

I pray that many children would give their hearts to Jesus this year.


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