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Investing in Catholic Education as a Donor 

Nowhere else in the region will you find a school like Holy Cross Catholic. We are very proud of our long standing mission of providing a strong academic program founded on Catholic values. Students at HCCS know they are in a loving environment and develop confidence to live out their faith through reinforcement of good life and study habits. Our students are leaders and we are proud of the transformation that takes place within each of them during their time at HCCS.

Private schools are known to be expensive but HCCS doesn't have this reputation thanks to donor support. We are proud to have the lowest tuition of all Catholic schools in Northwest Ohio. We are able to do this because of the generous investments from our supporting parishes, St. John and St. Mary Catholic church and the ongoing support from donors like you.

Throughout the year we plan fundraisers to help offset the cost of the school's operating budget and special projects. Due to COVID 19 restrictions and guidelines, many of our events have been modified or postponed. We are very grateful for parent, student and community support of these events. Visit the list to the right to learn more about ways to support our current fundraising events and activities.

Families should have the option to choose Catholic education for their children regardless of their income. Our family of supporters believe this too and because of their support, no family will be turned away from attending HCCS due to the inability to pay for tuition. We pledge to help families find all scholarship funding available and offer tuition discounts to qualifying families through donations made to the HCCS Legacy Scholarship Fund. If you'd like more information on becoming a scholarship supporter, please contact Aileen Meyer, Marketing Director at

PLANNED GIFTS: Help us prepare for the unexpected.
To think about giving back to Holy Cross through an estate gift is a gift of the highest honor.

For the past 100 years, Catholic Schools have been financially protected from unexpected expenses thanks to those who have established Charitable Bequests.

Establishing a Charitable Bequest is the act of a person designating a non-profit organization the beneficiary of some or all of their assets at the time of their death. An owner can choose one or more entities to receive assets such as a retirement account, IRA, Insurance Policy or any part of their estate after he or she dies.

When Holy Cross Catholic School becomes the beneficiary of someone’s assets, we ensure the charitable intent of the deceased is honored. If no specific use is established, the funds are used to address the most pressing issues when there isn’t funding available. Recently, HCCS was able to establish an emergency operations fund with a very generous estate gift. Thanks to this donor, the school has become financially prepared for future emergency/unplanned expenses such as a roof leak repair or building damage sustained by a natural disaster. For more information on establishing a charitable bequest for Holy Cross Catholic School, please contact your financial advisor or call HCCS Marketing
Director, Mrs. Aileen Meyer at 419-784-2021.