Governor announces School Closures

March 12, 2020

School Closure Announcement

The Governor of Ohio Announced Thursday March 12th that all Ohio Schools will be closed between Monday March 16 and Friday April 3rd in an effort to help stop the spread of CORVID-19 (Cornoavirus). The Governor updated this order in late March and the new order will extend the closure through May 1, 2020.

“There is the real possibility that our schools could stay closed longer than this, but we want to give parents and teachers as much notice and flexibility as we can,” said Governor DeWine. “Schools should continue to do what they’re doing now — providing the best remote learning that they can, serving meals to students in new ways, and planning for what the rest of the year may look like.”

For more information and frequently asked questions about the state-wide school closures:

Technology for Students

If your child needs a device to participate in online learning, please contact Mrs. Reinhart at or call the school at 419-784-2021 (leave a message if necessary). We have plenty of devices to loan to students who need one.

HCCS teachers are implementing meaningful, substantive, and age-appropriate home-study materials to engage students in the learning process during the extended closure. Please be assured that we are taking into consideration how material can be distributed, how students will be held accountable, and opportunities for students to ask questions. We will continue to adjust our teaching and learning efforts as we teachers, students and parents work together during these unprecedented times.

If you are in need of internet, AT&T is offering free internet for students. Go to!/   or call 855.220.5211. Expanding eligibility is based on income and to households participating in National School Lunch Program/Head Start. AT&T is offering two months of free service to new Access customers who order by April 30, 2020. It is $5/month or $10/month thereafter, depending on your internet speed.

(All parents/caregivers were asked to take a brief survey about the availability of learning technology at home. As we prepare for the potential of an extended closure, access to technology will be imperative to the learning of many grade levels. All families were asked to take this survey by March 27th. The survey is located at

Updates from Mrs. Reinhart

Information on COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control:

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) virus, and we are learning more about it every day. There is currently no vaccine to protect against COVID-19. At this point, the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus that causes it. Stopping transmission (spread) of the virus through everyday practices is the best way to keep people healthy.

Schools, working together with local health departments, have an important role in slowing the spread of diseases to help ensure students have safe and healthy learning environments. Schools serve students, staff, and visitors from throughout the community. All of these people may have close contact in the school setting, often sharing spaces, equipment, and supplies. For more information, visit the Center for Disease Control’s COVID homepage.

Prayer to Saint Rocco

O Great St. Rocco, deliver us, we beseech thee,

from the scourges of God; through thy Intercessory,

preserve our bodies from contagious diseases,

and our souls from the contagion of sin.

Obtain for us salubrious air; but, above all, purity of heart.

Assist us to make good use of health, to bear suffering with patience;

and, after thy example, to live in the practice of penance and charity,

that we may one day enjoy the happiness which thou has merited by thy virtues.

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